Greater Alliance Foundation

Greater Alliance Foundation

Designated Funds

Silver Park

Alliance City Parks & Recreational Fund (Est. 2005)

When the Robertson Youth Center was dissolved, all the remaining assets and funds were transferred to GAF for the primary use of park and recreational activities within the city of Alliance.

William and Mary Lou Baker

Dr. William D. and Mary Lou Baker Swimming Safety Fund (Est. 2012)

The five Baker children - Ann, Joan, Jeff, Chip and Tom have honored the memory of their parents, Dr. William D. and Mary Lou Baker, by establishing this charitable fund. The net income from the fund benefits the Alliance Family YMCA for the purpose of supporting swimming safety, particularly those that teach children to swim.

Alison Draves

Alison Draves Peforming Arts Fund (Est. 2009)

Established in memory of Alison Draves, daughter of Drs. Jeff and Patricia Draves, to become a lasting tribute to the joy she experienced in the field of performing arts.

Esmond Fogle

Es Fogle Charitable Fund (Est. 2013)

Established from the planned giving of Es Fogle's estate for the charitable purposes designated by the Greater Alliance Foundation Trustees. Mr. Fogle was past president of Robertson Heating Supply and active in the community including serving 16 years on the Rodman Public Library Board.

Eileen and Robert Hunter, Sr.

Eileen K. and Robert R. Hunter, Sr. Charitable Fund (Est. 2011)

The fund was established by Attorney Robert R. Hunter, Jr. and his sister, Sue Hunter Commerson to honor their parents in recognition for their support of the mission of the Stuckey Interfaith Child Development Center. Their father incorporated the center and their mother was a long time kindergarten teacher. The net income is used to purchase books and educational materials for the center.


Paul and Delores Kintz Fund (Est. 2004)

The net income from this fund is used to provide tuition assistance for adult educational training through the Alliance Career Centre and the Robert T. White School of Practical Nursing.

Forrest Ramser

Forrest Ramser Endowment Fund (Est. 2007)

The Greater Alliance Foundation was one of the charitable beneficiaries of Mr. Ramser's estate. Alliance was the childhood home of Forrest and his wife, Helen, and they never forgot their hometown and the friendships they made.

Ernest Sheetz

Ernest A. Sheetz Memorial Fund (Est. 2006)

The purpose of the fund is to support early childhood education in the greater Alliance area. Upon his retirement from the University of Mount Union, Ernie became the foundation's first Executive Director. He was instrumental in focusing foundation resources toward quality early childhood education and championing a collaboration which became the Early Childhood Education Alliance, Inc.

Richard Spittler

Richard M. Spittler Memorial Fund (Est. 2008)

The Trustees of the Greater Alliance foundation established this memorial fund to recognize Dick's community service as a local businessman, community leader and strong advocate for the city of Alliance.

Art Stuckey

Stuckey Family Fund (Est. 2003)

Art Stuckey established this fund as a donor advised fund. Upon his passing, the fund became a designated fund restricted for educational purposes within the greater Alliance, Ohio area.

John and Norma Teeple

Teeple Family Fund (Est. 2005)

This charitable fund was established by John and Norma Teeple in memory of their daughter Nancy L. Teeple Penny who had a nursing career. This fund provides financial support to the Robert T. White School of Practical Nursing.

Robert White

R. T. White Charitable Fund (Est. 2013)

Dr. Robert White was a lifelong resident and practicing physician in Alliance. He was a strong community benefactor and his lead trust gift was instrumental to the Foundation's early years. Upon his passing in 2013, a part of his estate came to the Foundation to be distributed at the discretion of the Trustees.

Designated Agency Funds

Established for limited purposes to support the work of local non-profit organizations.

  • Stuckey Interfaith Child Development Center Fund
  • Alliance Lion's Club Destination Playground Fund
  • Alliance Shade Tree Commission Fund
  • Independence Day Fireworks Council Fund